Solar Panels In Atlanta GA

22 May 2013
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Solar panels in Atlanta GA are used for the generation and supply of electricity. The electricity is either supplied in homes or for commercial applications. Since a single solar panel can only supply limited power, in most cases multiple panels are used. The solar panels are mounted on various mediums. The most common ones are roof,ground, fixed racks and trackers. Trackers have an advantage over the other mediums since they are able to sense the direction of sun and tilt the panel towards that direction. However they are costly to maintain because of their mechanical complexity. Ground mounted panels can either be held on the ground by ballasted mounts, concrete slabs or pole mounts. These installations however are only suited to those areas where there is no possibility of excavation being done since this May destruct the system. Roof mounting involves panels being attached to racks fixed on the roof tops. Using solar panels in Atlanta GA will be advantageous to you. This is because it is a cheap source of power. You do not need to pay power bills at the end of the month. To add on this, the panels have low maintenance cost. Solar power is also environmentally friendly and can be used for all power related appliances in your home.