Tips For A Productive Dumpster Rental

18 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Whether you are overseeing a home renovation project or are simply needing to dispose of large amounts of junk, a dumpster rental service can be ideal for providing you with the tools you need to do this work. However, if you have never used these rental services, it can be easy to make some oversights that can lead to complications. By making sure that you know these two tips when using these services, you will be better able to get the most from your dumpster rental experience.

Understand What Can Be Put In The Dumpster

Unfortunately, there are some people that are under the impression that they will be able to put anything in the dumpster. However, this is not the case and there are likely many prohibited materials and items. For example, highly flammable or toxic materials, such as paint thinner and oil, can not be placed in these containers. While this may not seem like a serious problem, these substances can contaminate the local environment if they are not disposed of properly, and they may also pose a risk during transporting the full dumpster. For these reasons, you should carefully consult the list of prohibited items that is included in your rental contract. Failure to abide by these requirements can result in expensive fines and civil liabilities.

Keep The Lid On The Dumpster

To make it easier to put things in the dumpster, it is common for people to leave the lid open. This might seem like a harmless way of making the dumpster more convenient to use, but it can cause you to pay far more for using it. Most of these providers charge based on the weight of the trash that is in the dumpster. By leaving the lid open, you can allow rain and snow to get inside the dumpster, which can drastically increase its weight and cost. While there is often a drain at the bottom of the dumpster, trash and other debris can block it, which will cause it to retain much of the water that is inside it.

A dumpster rental can be a highly efficient method of disposing of large amounts of trash, but if you have never used these services, oversights can be easy to make. To ensure that some of the more common oversights do not cause you major problems, you should make sure to always thoroughly check the list of prohibited materials and keep the lid closed. Contact a dumpster rental services company for more information.