FAQs About Installing Speakers In A Home Theater

9 May 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The placement of your speakers can impact the overall quality of your home theater's sound system. There are many factors, including how realistic the sound is emitting from the speakers, that is impacted by the placement. If you are designing your theater, here is what you need to know about the speakers. 

Does It Matter Which Room the Theater Is In?

Some people choose to just setup their home theaters in any room that is not being used. Unfortunately, not every room is a good space if you want a realistic experience with good sound. A room with poor dimensions can impact the sound quality. 

For instance, a room that has multiple dimensions, such as 8' x 11' x 15', has a larger number of standing waves. Standing waves occur when sound is reflected from a surface and crashes into the sound that is coming from the speakers. The result is fluctuations in the sound that can take away from the experience. 

By contrast, a room that does not have as many surfaces from which the sound can reflect translates to steadier volume control. 

Where Should the Speakers Be Placed?

There are many available options for where you can place your speakers in your home theater. Most people tend to place the speakers on near the screen. However, this might not be the best placement. 

Where you place your speakers can have an impact on the bass. If there is too much bass, the sounds emitting from the speakers can become a bit distorted and hard on the ears. If there is not enough, you could miss out on details that would enhance the sounds. 

It might take some trial and error to find the right placement. A good start point is to place any floor speakers you have about a foot away from the wall. Move the speakers slowly forward if the bass is too much. The speakers should be angled towards the center of the room and not just towards the back wall. 

What About the Wires?

One of the biggest issues with speakers is that you could end up with wires sprawling across your floors and walls. There are a couple of options you can exercise to hide the wires. 

For instance, you can hide the wires under carpeting. There are flat cables available that will not show under the carpeting. You can also opt for in-wall speakers. There are different styles available that can match in with the décor in the room. 

For more information and tips, contact sound system installation experts in your area.