Why Laser Cutting For Your Trophies May Be Better In The Long Run

30 March 2017
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If you've been having medals and trophies engraved using computer numerical control (CNC) methods, you might want to consider switching at least some of that work to laser cutting. Both methods, of course, have advantages, but laser cutting is particularly beneficial if you need detailed work done rather quickly. Laser cutting and CNC can co-exist and one isn't going to usurp the other overall, but depending on what you need engraved, laser may be a method that you'll want to use more and more.

Heat Warping

The laser beam used to cut material during engraving is thin and concentrated, meaning less heat transfers to the rest of the item being engraved. A problem that you can encounter with CNC engraving is heat warping because the heat generated by the wider CNC drill bit can spread over a larger area of the object's surface. The heat can become intense and cause some minor warping that can affect the final look of the item. You don't have that warping with laser cutting, though, because the heat doesn't spread over as much of the surface.

Post-Cutting Treatment

Laser-cutting machines are often set up to apply post-cutting treatments to the object being engraved, meaning that the whole engraving process can go a lot faster. The person using the machine doesn't have to transfer the item to another part of the workshop to have the treatment added. This is good if you need several items engraved in a rush order because saving a few minutes per item can add up.


Laser-cutting beams are thin. Very thin. Much thinner than CNC drill bits, so if you need something that's incredibly detailed, the laser cutter is likely to be a better choice. There are special drill bits that CNC routers can use to create thinner cuts, but if the company that you go to for CNC cutting doesn't have those on hand, you either have to wait or go somewhere else.


That thinner width also allows for a little more precision. This isn't to say CNC isn't precise; it is. But if you need something that won't blend together at any point, laser cutting may offer better results.

You can see samples of laser cutting at any workshop that offers the service, so take a look at what each place can do. They'll work with you to ensure your design is something they can reproduce beautifully. To find out more, speak with a business like J&E Metal Fabricators Inc.