How To Use Your Handcrafted Items To Make Extra Money

22 August 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Are you the kind of person who makes handcrafted items that are so professionally made that you have been encouraged to sell them to the public? Perhaps you have used your handcrafted items as gifts only to have the recipient turn around and ask you if he or she could order that same item for somebody else. From putting out the word that you have started your own business to ordering custom printed boxes in which to place your handcrafted items, here are some ideas that might help you to get started on your new business venture.

Get Your Product Noticed

Of course, what you create will help to determine how you will present it. For example, if you make your own jewelry, start wearing it everywhere you go. Ask your friends to wear your handmade jewelry, too. Then, when compliments are received, the word will go out that the jewelry is available to be purchased.

Or let's say that you make your own decorated picture frames. Use them as gifts for teachers, as Christmas gifts for everybody on your list, and for events like birthdays or anniversaries. Put a little note with the gift that expresses something like This gift was handmade especially for you!

Keep a record of everybody you sell to so that, when you create something new, you can notify those people of your new creations.

Make The Presentation A Professional One

Consider a time when you received a gift that was just handed to you unwrapped and compare it to a time when you received a gift that was in a beautifully gift wrapped box or in a pretty bag. The presentation of the gift probably made a difference. The presentation you make of your handcrafted items will make a difference, too.

Think of ordering custom printed boxes in which to place the items you make. Order boxes with your business logo on them. For example, order custom boxes in different size with words like Fantastic Frames or Jewels Made From Dreams. Work with packaging supply companies like Canyon State Box and Container to get more ideas.

Order custom stickers, too. They can be used when you place your handcrafted items in tissue paper to secure it. Those custom stickers can even be adhered to plain paper to create an attractive letterhead.

Think of starting a presentation book of the different styles of items that you create. Also, keep pictures of your creations right in your cell phone so you can show interested people what you have made.