Four Types Of Cranes Used For Construction

19 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Cranes are used for many different applications in today's world. The majority of them can be found in shipping and receiving ports, construction sites, or manufacturing sites. Crane services use their cranes to lift, move, and place extremely heavy loads, which makes them vital to these kinds of industries. Cranes can be operated by a crane operator who is skilled at controlling the crane by a radio controller or while sitting in a cab connected to the crane. This guide goes over the many different types of cranes and how they are used throughout the world.


Tower cranes are used for sites where extreme height and maximum lifting capabilities are needed. The tower cranes can reach up to 1,000 meters high, which is the equivalent of a 285-story building. This type of crane is shaped like a giant "T" with one end of the crane holding the platform that the loads are placed on before they are taken to the designated place on the building. Because of its shape and the height it stretches, the crane must be attached to the building or the crane will sway, which may result in tipping.


The telescopic crane gets the name due to the way it expands and condenses just like a telescope. It features a special hydraulic mechanism that controls the boom and makes it reach the desired length. Telescopic cranes come in all sizes. Some are even small enough to sit on the back of trucks. The telescopic crane is good when you need a crane that will reach multiple stories but that is still small enough to take almost anywhere.

Rough Terrain

The rough terrain crane is designed for off-road situations. They are typically used in construction areas that do not have even terrain that normal cranes can drive over. The cranes can travel safely over rugged and uneven terrain without issues. Rough terrain cranes are usually found in infrastructure, highway, or construction projects. The crane vehicle has outriggers that extend off the sides of the vehicle to keep it stable when the crane is being hoisted.


Overhead cranes are usually found in factories. They are designed to grab and move extremely heavy loads from one place to another. Outdoor shipping plants and shipyards frequently use these types of cranes because of how easy it is to move shipments. The crane uses a trolley to carry the shipment from one side to another using the hook that hangs down from the trolley.