Maximize Storage Space In Your Work Truck

1 August 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

As a service professional, you are always on the move. Quite naturally, you don't have the luxury of accessing a large storage cabinet as you work with clients throughout the day like some of your counterparts. You need to keep as many of your tools with you as possible. A critical part of accomplishing this goal is the ability to maximize storage space in your truck. Discover some of the measures you can take to achieve this goal. 

Solid Foundation

You cannot possibly expect to get ample storage space in your work truck if you are not starting with a solid foundation. Ensure that the truck body design that you plan to install is already equipped to meet your storage needs. For example, does it already have a shelving system or toolbox installed? 

If the truck body doesn't meet your needs on even the primary level, you can't expect for it to work well for you. There are many options available to you when it comes to truck bodies, so take your time to look over the options to ensure you are making the right choice.

Vertical Space

Often time, people look at storage from a horizontal context. For example, how many items can be placed on the floor of the space? However, vertical space is just as, if not more, valuable. The more access to vertical space you have, the more options you have for storing equipment. For example, you can hang tools on the extra vertical space. For better organization, you can install a shelving system.

The point is that if you really want to maximize your storage space, you should not waste the vertical space. Take advantage of any open areas for tool and material placement. 

Dual Functionality

Another excellent tool for maximizing storage space in your work truck is to look at every component of the truck in terms of dual function. Take the passenger door of the truck, for example. If you don't have anyone riding in the vehicle with you, the door could also double as a storage area.

You could install a magnetic or heavy-duty Velcro system to hang lightweight tools, like a tape measure or flashlight. This way, you have a door and a convenient storage area at the same time. 

Keep these tips in mind to ensure you have access to all the tools you need. After all, the more access you have, the better you can satisfy your customers' needs, which is essential to your business. To learn more, talk to companies like Martin Truck Bodies, Inc.