Working On A Barge? How To Safely Load And Unload The Cargo

9 September 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If your new job will have you loading and unloading cargo barges, it's crucial that you take your health and safety into consideration. Failing to take your safety into consideration could result in serious injuries to you, or to other crew members around you. Here are three safety precautions you should follow when loading and unloading cargo from a barge.

Wear Your Life Jacket

When it comes to your safety, you need to make sure that you wear your life jacket at all times during the loading and unloading of cargo from the barges. Accidents can happen quickly during the process of loading and unloading cargo. Many of these accidents can result in you falling into the water below. If you're injured during the fall, you may not be able to swim to safety. Unfortunately, if you're not wearing your life jacket during this time, you could drown. To avoid this, be sure to always wear your life jacket.

Always Use the Gangway

During the loading and unloading of cargo from a barge, it's of the utmost importance that you always use the appropriate gangways. The purpose of the gangways is to provide a safe access point for the transport of cargo. Failure to use the appropriate gangways could result in serious injuries, as well as the loss of valuable cargo. When traveling across the gangway with your cargo, be aware of areas that might be damaged. If you notice safety issues with your gangway, it's important that you notify your supervisor right away.

Watch for Leaks During Loading/Unloading

While you're loading and unloading cargo, you should always be aware cargo bay conditions. Wetness is one thing that you should pay close attention to. Slight wetness on the cargo bay floor isn't anything to be concerned about. However, larger amounts of water, or increased levels of water within the cargo bay may be of concern, and should be reported to your supervisor. It's important that you hold off on loading any further cargo until the issue involving the water can be resolved. Loading cargo onto a leaking barge can result in catastrophic accidents.

Now that you're going to be working with cargo on a barge, personal safety should be your main concern. Loading and unloading cargo can be a dangerous job. Following the tips provided above will help you ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of others. Contact a service, like Sundbeck Inc., for more help.