The Basics Of Using Soil Grouting To Stabilize Soil

20 November 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Loose soil can pose a number of challenges that will need to be mitigated or otherwise addressed. Soil grouting is a commonly used approach for managing these soil issues. Learning more about the soil grouting process can be useful as you look to address this serious soil quality problem.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Soil Grouting Services? 

Soil grouting is able to correct loose or otherwise unstable soil by acting as a binding agent. Once the grout has dried and bonded to the soil, the treated area be far more stable, which may allow for building projects to be undertaken or for the erosion in the area to be better controlled. Depending on the particular issue being addressed, soil grouting can be the only option for stabilizing the soil enough to be used for your purposes. If you are unsure as to whether soil grouting is the solution you need, there are soil stabilization professionals that can inspect your project site to determine the best course of corrective action.

How Is The Grout Applied To The Soil?

You might assume that the soil grout will simply be applied to the surface of the soil. However, this would not be particularly effective as the grout would be unable to bind the soil that is below the surface. To ensure that the soil below the surface is treated, the grout will be injected into the soil using a series of tubes that can be inserted into the ground.

Will Soil Grouting Impact The Surrounding Landscaping?

The process of grouting the soil can prevent many plants from being able to grow in this area as a result of their roots being unable to easily move through the grouted soil. However, these impacts should be largely limited to the area that was directly treated. Plants that are along the edge of the area that was treated may also experience these issues as much fo their roots may have been in the area that was treated with grout. While some of these issues can be unavoidable, an experience soil grouting professional will be able to limit the scope of these impacts as much as possible.

When you are needing to stabilize the soil in a particular area, grouting can be an extremely effective option as this process will involve injecting a binding material into the soil. By using this technique, you can avoid needing to relocate projects due to unstable soil or major landscaping changes to prevent erosion.