Three Things Welders Are Typically Called Upon To Do

9 January 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Welding services provide an array of services that accomplish a number of tasks. When someone needs a welder and his/her services, it usually involves one or more of three things. Those particular services are as follows.

Welding Metal Objects Together

​Welding is almost always about welding metal objects together. Every company that constructs things of metal will need welders, from car manufacturers to construction companies creating skyscrapers. Until the day comes when people no longer use metal to construct anything (which is a long, long way off in the future) welders will be welding for the purpose of welding metal objects to other metal objects.

Welding for Repairs

​Welding for repairs involving damaged items, such as the metal frame on a car or pieces of metal from a machine that have accidentally snapped off and need to be reattached, is also a common request from companies for welders. Some of the work that welders do is typically done in an auto body repair shop, where welding may be the only solution to restoring part or all of the automobile's frame damaged in an accident. Welding is also an excellent way to patch metal objects that are leaking, such as metal drums, metal pipes, metal tanks, and metal industrial boilers (which often need repairs).

​Welding for Reinforcement

​Welding is a great way to reinforce the structure of practically everything. Stud welding is one such example where the welding torch melts the metal of a steel girder just enough to drive a steel stud through the girder and a piece of sheet metal. Once the girder cools around the driven stud, nothing can pull that stud loose ever again.

That does mean that there is almost zero room for error when the welder is doing this kind of work, but it also means that nothing will break or come loose. Additionally, using various types of metal and metal formations as reinforcing pieces is common when welding for the purpose of reinforcement. (Think about a wall rebar created to reinforce and mold a vertical wall of concrete. The concrete may chip over time, but the pre-tensioning of the concrete by the rebar overall will prevent the breaking and collapse of the wall itself.)

Hiring a Welder

Welders may be hired on a permanent or temporary basis to suit your needs. Welders may also be hired as freelance/self-employed agents. Most welders provide all of the above services.