Static Mixer — Buying Tips To Remember For Industrial Solutions

15 May 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you need to combine industrial materials together to create a homogenous end product, you have the ability to use a static mixer. It doesn't have any moving parts, which means this mixer is easy to maintain over the years. If you want to buy a new one, here are some tactics to focus on. 

Figure Out How Many Mixing Elements Are Required

One of the most important parts of a static mixer is the elements inside it. For this device to work with industrial materials, it needs to have the right number of mixing elements. You can easily figure this out if you analyze the industrial materials you plan to combine to make one solution.

The more difficult these materials are to mix, the more mixing elements you'll need. Just study the properties of your industrial materials until you know for certain how many elements can provide a solution with the right properties at the end. 

Choose Steel For the Mixer's Materials

If you want to use the same static mixer around an industrial environment for a long time, then pay close attention to what its components are made of. That includes the mixing elements and tubing that the elements are inside.

Steel is a pretty great material option for these mixers. It can take a ton of abuse and hold up to all sorts of industrial materials that you want to mix together. It also won't be susceptible to rust, regardless of the materials you send through this solution.

Look For a Mixer That's Easy to Clean

If you plan to go with a static mixer variety that can be used over and over as opposed to the disposable variety, then make sure you get a mixer that's easy to clean. Then you won't spend hours caring for the same mixer.

If the mixer can break down, then you'll have an easy time cleaning each component individually. You can get a thorough clean and thus ensure each part of this mixer is able to last for as long as it's supposed to. Durable materials, such as the aforementioned steel, also make the mixer easy to clean.

If your industrial site requires a static mixer to combine different materials together, such as chemicals and epoxy solutions, then you need to find the right model. You'll feel great about your selection if you study the makeup of these mixers and outline certain specs to seek out. 

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