The Benefits Of Going With Acrylic Printing For Your Outdoor Sign

10 February 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Are you looking to print a sign that will be put up outdoors? Will the sign be getting rained on or otherwise exposed to the worst that nature has to offer? Obviously, putting a normal sheet of paper out there isn't going to work. You'll need material capable of creating a sign that will stand up to the elements and more. What you need may be acrylic printing.

Acrylic is Durable

Acrylic is a great material for when you need a sign that can hold up over time outdoors. Acrylic will not crumple after being exposed to moisture. It can also sustain an impact which means a big gust of wind is not going to cause problems either — provided your sign is properly secured, of course. Acrylic is also good at standing up to the sun's UV rays, so the sign will not sustain sun damage over time. Acrylic printing should be your go-to option for any sign that needs to remain outdoors indefinitely.

Acrylic Remains Vibrant

Acrylic can come in a number of vibrant colors. Vibrancy is a good thing for signs, especially if your sign will be located in an area with a lot of foot (or car) traffic. You want your sign to catch people's eyes and acrylic can be printed with the vibrancy that this goal demands. What's more, is that your acrylic will not fade over time like paper or other materials might if left out in the elements.

Acrylic is Easy to Cut and Shape

If you are looking to create a sign in a unique shape, acrylic will make this easy for you. Your acrylic printing specialist will likely be able to cut the sheet into any shape you want, but this is also something you can easily do on your own with a pair of scissors after you pick up the printed sheets from the print shop.

Acrylic is Easy to Wipe Down

If your sign is indeed going to remain outdoors, it's possible it could pick up some dust or dirt over time. Acrylic is rather easy to clean and can be wiped down with no problem. You can even use a wet cloth to do it since acrylic is resistant to moisture as previously discussed. Compare that with paper where adding anything wet to remove a smudge is just going to make the problem worse.

Acrylic is Good at Night

Acrylic will continue to look great at night, especially if you are using it as part of an illuminated display or sign. Light will shine right through the acrylic, easily illuminating the words you've printed for everyone to read.

To learn more, contact an acrylic printing service in your area.